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Rohan Pais Mechanical Engineering Group Lead

Rohan Pais joined SBM as a Mechanical Engineer in 2010. Mr. Pais completed his B.E in Mechanical Engineering from The Anna University, India in 2007. He then went on to obtain a M.S in Mechanical Engineering with a focus on Robotics as well as a M.S in Electrical Engineering with a focus on MEMs at The University of Florida (2010). During his Master’s degree studies, Mr. Pais worked with the Astronomy Department’s Optical and Infrared Experimental Astrophysics Group as a Mechanical Engineer for 3 years. The group’s research focus is to identify habitable Earth-like exoplanets using High-Precision Optical and Near-IR Doppler techniques. As a member of this team, Mr. Pais helped design, build and assemble high-precision optical mounts and enclosures, as well as tested and installed fiber optics cables which are currently part of the survey instruments installed at the Apache Point Observatory in New Mexico (MARVELS) and the Kitt Peak National Observatory (EXPERT) in Arizona. Since joining SBM, Mr. Pais has worked on a number of projects, offering his skills in CAD design, Finite Element Analysis, Electro Mechanical Systems Instrumentation, fabrication of custom micro parts and building test setups. Currently, Mr. Pais leads the Mechanical Engineering team for SB Microsystems, and his team is responsible for the design and packaging of custom sensors employed in a variety of micro-implantable medical devices. His team is also charged with design work for large size mechanical systems and their supporting electronics like an underwater saw system used for the disposal of spent nuclear fuel elements and an instrumented cutting block designed to train orthopedic surgeons on the Knee replacement surgery. Additionally, Mr. Pais has experience with MEMS fabrication techniques and is trained at using clean room tools for lithography, etching, deposition and inspection/analysis – a set of valuable skills required for packaging MEMs components. Mr. Pais continuously strives to use his multi-disciplinary skills to create and design solutions that will push the frontiers of science.

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