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Engineering-based R&D

Engineering support of basic and applied laboratory science is a specialized skill that not every engineering firm does well. Since 2007, SBM has supported multiple labs within the Howard Hughes Medical Institute’s Janelia Farm campus in the development of highly specialized scientific equipment, devices, processes and techniques. We work one-on-one with among the most demanding and innovative scientists on the planet, and we understand the challenges unique to that circumstance. Likewise, for the previously mentioned project with NASA, our engineers interface directly with high level scientist investigators within the Planetary Sciences and Astronomy Divisions at Goddard Space Flight Center. At SBM we believe that engineering is intended to be carried out in the service of others- whether they are consumers, patients, or scientists. We understand the development of hardware and systems for science, and we look forward to the opportunity to serve not only the Operational side of NCNR but the science side as well.