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Design Process

Speed.     Flexibility.      Mission.

SBM’s approach to client research and development projects exemplifies these characteristics. SB Microsystems is a full service solution provider – meaning we do more than design. We also fabricate and manufacture prototypes and products, which means the products we design take DFM into account up front.  Our team-oriented approach brings the right skills and cross functional communications  to a client project at the right time – no “marching army” driving up expenses needed.  Our Concept Development Team is responsible for all early stage concept development, proof-of-concept, and prototyping activities, user interfaces and human factors engineering. Our Mechanical and Embedded Electronics teams excel at all the phases of product development –  system design, engineering and integration, prototype build and test, verification and validation, and providing complete build packages for volume production. We take pride in our work and our abilities to meet most any challenge successfully.