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Quality and ISO Certification

At SBM, we know quality has never mattered more.  A single philosophy guides our quality efforts: Hire talented people, provide the right tools and guidelines, with the right culture,  and unsurpassed quality products and services result. SBM has implemented industry-standard quality control and safety plans for all areas of our business and has begun the ISO-9001 and UL1345 certification processes. We fully expect to be certified by the first half of 2015 because we know these certifications can be an important aspect of choosing an engineering partner.  We believe, however, that industry recognition through certification results from a great culture of quality, rather than the reverse, and have worked diligently to imbue that quality culture in our organization. SBM’s Quality Control Plan (QCP) assures that the quality of the services and products we provide to our customers is consistent with SBM’s mission to “…deliver world class engineering excellence to its customers and to perform all duties with the highest standards of ethics and integrity.”

The Plan is part of an overall set of business processes that insure that: requirements are accurately defined and specified according to customers’ needs, and all applicable standards are satisfied, design procedures are developed and reviewed by stakeholders and designers, procedures for verifying and validating complete work product against these requirements, and against the company’s overarching standards are in place, the company’s conflict resolution process is defined and communicated, the company’s hiring, training, mentoring and other management practices insure the highest level of talent, and it includes processes for assessment and evaluation of the company’s quality system.