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Tools & Facilities

SBM is located midway between Baltimore and Washington DC immediately adjacent to BWI airport in Glen Burnie, MD. It has 8,700 square feet of mixed lab and office space for research and development. In-house capabilities focus on end-to-end research and development, including device simulation and design, fabrication, and testing. Microfabrication processing is done by SBM personnel at NIST Center for Nanoscale Science and Technology¬† and the University of Maryland FABlab. SBM has a wide array of modeling and simulation tools to support our research and development efforts.¬† These include COMSOL for finite element and multi-physics modeling, SPICE circuit simulation, Tanner EDA tools for MEMS and ASIC design, Eagle and Cadence PCB design, Solidworks for mechanical design, Matlab and Simulink for system level modeling, AVR Studio and Code Composer for embedded system design plus a number of proprietary tools we’ve developed over time for optics and imaging system design.