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Our team-oriented approach extends to the way we approach new design challenges. Our Concept Development Design team is responsible for all early stage concept development, product architecture, user interfaces and human factors engineering and proof-of-concept prototyping. Team skills include multi-physics finite element modelling with tools such as COMSOL, the development of and analytical and system models using such tools as Simulink, rapid prototyping with 3D printing and our in-house CNC milling capabilities.

Our Electronics and Embedded Systems team in partnership with our Mechanical Engineering and Packaging team refines and improves on the early prototypes, with an eye to all of the regulatory, design for test and manufacturability requirements of the end product and market. SBM’s Electrical Engineering and Electronics team has carried out a wide variety of electronics development projects ranging from printed circuit board (PCB) design and fab for control and sensing systems, to highly complex cutting-edge packaging for highly miniaturized medical devices such as implantables. SBM has experience with design using microcontrollers, PLA’s, signal processors, as well as with high power design, signal conditioning systems, and data recorders. The team has designed a wide variety of discrete component systems and circuits, and has experience with the design and development of application specific integrated circuits (ASIC’s) as well. The electronics team is complemented by our internal packaging team, which provides advanced packaging solutions for ruggedized and fieldable applications.

Our mechanical team was able to integrate multiple components into a fully electromechanically-integrated fluidic cartridge which was delivered successfully to our customer and utilized in field trials. Since that time the Mechanical Team has tackled projects ranging from automated surgical simulators to underwater saws. We have a regular set of consultants in such areas as lifting mechanisms and machine design, and electro-mechanical-optical integration. The Mechanical Team has close working relationships with a wide variety of fabrication vendors such as machine shops, assembly houses, and injection molding facilities.