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Project-based R&D

SBM has extensive experience developing complete products under contract to our clients.  SBM’s skill sets in contract product development are extensive, and illustrate a broad and well-developed ability to draw out and define customer requirements,  develop sound technical solutions, and execute technically challenging programs to deliver products to production on schedule and on budget.

SBM’s original roots as a company lie in microelectronics, and specifically in the development and integration of sensors and sensor networks, MEMS  and compact instruments. Past projects include the design and build of analytical instruments such as mass spectrometers and capillary electrophoresis systems, flow cytometers and other laboratory analytic devices.  Other current and pending projects include control and sensing systems, highly miniaturized implantable medical devices, automotive applications for real time oil wear monitoring, a minitiarized electro-optical ingestible capsule for gastro-endoscopic treatments, and the design and development of a load cell instrumented cutting platform for surgical simulation of total knee replacement.