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Process and Packaging

SBM’s Process and Packaging Team today has such diverse capabilities as electro-optical integration, fabrication and packaging methods for micro-fabricated sensors and MEMS, plastic and polymer processing, micro-fluidics, and micro-fluidic systems, custom sensor development, clean room processing and process development, and microelectronic packaging. SBM uses both internal and partner state-of-the-art fabrication facilities, such as the University of Maryland MEMs wafer fab and the NIST NanoCenter, to develop and assemble miniaturized solutions for our clients. SBM has developed advanced packaging concepts, such as a hermetically sealed environmental and biomedical sensor system and an innovative micro-scale, lithographically-defined silicon microprobe for continuous in vivo measurements of neuronal activity in the central nervous systems of a variety of laboratory animals including rodents, insects, zebra fish, and primates. Multiple laboratories have utilized this technology, generating a trove of fundamental neuroscience data that is being presented in a variety of scientific journals. This approach is at the forefront of the NIH “BRAIN” initiative to fund and develop methods for mapping neuronal circuitry.