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SBM has extensive experience developing complete instruments, mechanical assemblies, and custom apparatuses. We have designed and built analytical instruments such as mass spectrometers and capillary electrophoresis systems, and worked on flow cytometers and other laboratory analytic devices. As an example of our unique skills, we are currently under contract to develop an underwater saw for cutting spent fuel rods. Other current and pending projects include automotive applications for real time oil wear monitoring, and the design and development of a load cell instrumented cutting platform for surgical simulation of total knee replacement. We have also designed and installed a machine vision system for operating a semiconductor wafer prober. In certain areas we augment the skills of our mechanical team with outside partners and consultants in areas such as lifting mechanisms and machine design, and electro-mechanical-optical integration. The Mechanical Team has close working relationships with a wide variety of fabrication vendors such as machine shops, assembly houses, and injection molding facilities. With a combination of internal engineering staff and consultants we are also able to carry out projects in laboratory automation and sample preparation.